Every step from your first appt at Reflections Bridal Studio Lisburn to your wedding day.
So you have made your first appointment, your Mum, Friends and Bridesmaids are with you. Sitting back drinking a glass of Prosecco and probably crying at some point, it is for many a very emotional time.

Step 1 You will try on some dresses.

We stock some of the finest wedding dresses you can find in Northern Ireland. Where else can you find designer brands such as Essense of Australia, (we are the only stockist, not only in Lisburn City but the whole of Ulster. Wedding Dress Brands also include Casablanca, Phoenix Gowns and Diane Legrand. From Boho Inspired looks, off the shoulder, the latest trends, fairytale princess, or simple minimalistic looks we have them in many colours shapes and sizes. A bridal shop in County Antrim with wedding dress to suit every taste and budget.

When you get to your appointment you will have your own personal stylist, who will take you and your entourage to a private dressing area. Ask you a few questions about your wedding, your vision and your budget. You can then sit and relax whilst she picks a few styles to get your started.

After you try them on, you will have a better understanding of what you like and don’t like. The next few dresses will be more curated. The whole experience will be fun and you may be surprised by what you like and don’t like. The most important thing is the choice is yours and to keep a clear head and focus on your choice.

Step 2 You will buy the dress

Maybe it will be the first dress you try on at your first visit to our bridal shop, maybe you will need to make another appointment. Our experience tells us that when the bride knows what is right, she gets that rush of a feeling and just knows this is perfect.

Whenever the time comes all you do is tell your stylist or call us at our Lisburn Wedding Salon and give the item number and dress name. Be specific about the colour, and any other variables, also if you are buying from our large range of accessories, be sure to let us know. If you are buying in store, you will be measured, if over the phone, you will need a measuring appointment at the studio.

You will need to put down a deposit for the dress, so please be prepared for that.

Step 3 – Your dress will be made

It’s happening, your dress is being made just for you, Check with us what the turnaround time is for your dress. Be sure to take lots of selfies of the last time you have the dress on, so you can refer to it, when you are making all the other choices for your perfect day. You will need alterations at a later date, so make sure the timing is perfect.

Step 4 Choose your accessories

Once your dress is ordered you only have to think about all the other wedding stuff. This period of time would also be a great one to purchase the accessories you’d like to wear that day (veil, shoes, sash, etc.) if you didn’t get them the day you bought your dress—this way, you’ll have everything you need for your first fitting with your seamstress. Make sure you get the official colour name(s) of the fabric that makes up your dress from the bridal shop, so you can match your veil and/or sash even if you’re buying them separately from your dress. Shoes are especially important during this time, because you can’t start the alterations process (specifically hemming) until you’ve zeroed in on the height of your footwear.

Step 5: You’ll Pick Up Your Dress and Head to the Reflections Seamstress

After what seems like an eternity, you’ll receive a call from your bridal shop that your dress is finally in—it’ll be shipped right to the shop, most likely. Next, you’ll go pick it up, pay the remainder of the cost, and then it’s time for alterations! Reflections bridal shop have a qualified seamstress on-site at their Lisburn Salon which makes the whole process a breeze. They will likely have worked on your exact dress, or at least on dresses by your designer, before, so they’ll be familiar with the nuances of the fabric, seams, etc. Make your appointment there right away because the alterations process can be lengthy —sometimes even longer than it took for your dress to come in. This is all dependent on where you live and how busy the seamstress is, how intense your alterations are, and how complex your dress is. Regardless, it’s always best to get a head start!

Step 6: You’ll Go to Your Fittings

At your first fitting appointment, bring your gown, the shoes you’ll wear with it, and any undergarments you plan on wearing (namely, shapewear). Then, put it all on and get ready to be amazed—even if you think your dress fits perfectly as it is, your seamstress is about to make magic happen with pins (and somehow, not prick you even once!). You may have a say in some of the alterations, like whether your straps are longer or shorter for a lower – or higher-cut bustline, or the length of your train, or whether you want bust pads sewn in, so think on these things before going to your appointment.

After the initial pinning and marking, you’ll undress and leave your gown behind, then return a month or so later for another fitting where the seamstress will make additional, more intricate alterations for an even closer fit. This second visit might be your last, or you may need more. In any case, now would be the time to stop any radical dieting or exercising and focusing on maintaining your (beautiful and perfect) current figure, because as the alterations get more finite, every little inch matters. Don’t panic, though—changes can be made late in the process, you’ll just have to pay an additional fee. Once all the alterations are complete, you’ll 1) finally get to see yourself in your FITTED wedding dress—amazing moment!—and then

Step 7: You’ll Wear Your Dress and Totally Nail It

Good news: This is the easiest part of the whole journey (even if it starts out a bit stressful). By now, you have everything you need for your complete look, and all that’s left to do is (carefully) step into your dress, zip and/or button it up, and head down the aisle (sobbing optional). Final step? Take a long look in the mirror (because it might be the last one you see all day!), tell yourself you’re gorgeous (out loud!) and get out there and make your soon-to-be-spouse’s jaw drop.